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Key Team 

Bernadine Santistevan, storyteller | filmmaker | artist

Was born and raised in a rural community in New Mexico where her family has lived for over 400 years. Has worked as a digital media & technology strategist and venture capital & private equity investor for companies such as GE Capital. Also writes, directs and produces films, including the internationally award-winning animated film, Wolf Dog Tales. Degrees include an M.S. in engineering from Stanford and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business.

Igor, animator | artistic designer | illustrator | animator

Emmy-award winning designer, artist and animator whose innovative work has been presented around the world in festivals and venues such as TED and the World Economic Forum at Davos. Animator and artistic designer of the internationally award-winning animated film, Wolf Dog Tales.

Heidi Vernejoul, educational advisor | curriculum developer

Develops and authors local, national and international educational programs and/or curricula for educators and organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club of America.  

Berett Fisher, creative advisor | designer

Develops creative designs for some of the world’s top brands such as LVMH, Revlon and Clinique. 

Hamid Shams, cinematographer | filmmaker

Internationally award-winning cinematographer and filmmaker on numerous films.

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