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Social Emotion Learning

Several unique elements are seamlessly integrated into the Wolf Dog Workshop to promote social emotional learning. One example is the Wolf Dog Warriors Enrichment Activity program. 

Special Deals

A  Few Ways Wolf Dog Workshop Promotes Social Emotional Learning

Wolf Dog Workshop’s lessons include activities that guide students in becoming more involved with their families, their communities and nature, many of which promote social emotional learning.

One of the favorite and most impactful activities is the elder interview activity, in which students interview an elder in the community (usually a grandparent) as they seek inspiration and ideas for the stories they will be writing.

After participating in this activity students have mentioned they have uncovered an interest and pride in their personal histories, become closer to family members, and feel more of an understanding and respect for elders.  

We also provide teachers with a list of suggested extra credit "Wolf Dog Warriors" enrichment activities in which most students eagerly participate. Teachers are invited to add their own activities to this list.


The Workshop includes award stickers for students as they complete various project-based activities, such as the elder interview, and for those who participate in the Wolf Dog Warrior enrichment activities.

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