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Engaging & Inspiring Lessons


The Wolf Dog Workshop uses storytelling and digital media to develop literacy skills and social emotional learning. This multidisciplinary curriculum is Common Core-aligned for English Language Arts for 3rd, 4th and 5th grades.
Wolf Dog Workshop is being used to teach literacy skills to both "native" English language speakers, as well as English language learners (ELL).


The Lessons

Lesson 1   Planting Story Seeds: Wolf Dog Tales and the Power of Inspiration


Lesson 2   Discovering the Art of Storytelling: Stories Come in Many Forms


Lesson 3   Creating a Good Story: Characteristices of Imaginative Stories


Lesson 4   Discovering the Seeds: Main Character Animal Research and Interview Skills


Lesson 5   Exploring Your Main Character: Example from the World of the Endangered Wolf


Lesson 6   Enhancing the Meaning and Beauty of Your Story: Wolf Dog Tales Sand Art


Lesson 7   Enriching Stories with an Eye and Ear on Details: The Art of Sound
Lesson 8   Reaping What You Sow: Pre-Writing and Elements of Narrative


Lesson 9   Reaping What You Sow: First Draft and Strong Hooks


Lesson 10 Reaping What You Sow: First Draft Revision and Effective Listening Strategies


Lesson 11 Building on a Story with Final Touches: Collaborative Storytelling Techniques


Lesson 12 Recounting Your Story: Constructive Feedback and Revisions


Lesson 13 Storytelling Celebration!
Lesson 14 Reflecting and Self Assessing
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