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Wolf Dog Workshop

Storytelling & Digital Media
to Teach English Language Arts
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Academic & Social Emotional Focus

Inspires academic & social emotional learning and peer, family & community engagement.

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Creative & Critical Thinking Tools

Develops creative & critical thinking skills along with independent & group collaboration skills.

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Multidisciplinary Components

Cross-disciplinary focus, including language arts, social studies, earth science, digital media & arts.

Key Benefits for Students

Strengthens Academic Skills

By building on students’ natural love for stories, with Wolf Dog Workshop, teachers can help strengthen their students’ reading, writing, listening and vocabulary skills in a fun and exciting way.

Creates Engagement & Inspires

Wolf Dog Workshop uses digital media as a tool to enhance the story writing and storytelling experience. This is particularly effective given media is a language that children of all backgrounds engage with and respond to.

Promotes Student Enrichment & Well-Being

Wolf Dog Workshop helps develop students' creativity and imagination, as well as helps them discover the relevancy of their own history and experiences--which can contribute to students’ social emotional well-being and self-confidence. 

Key Benefits for Teachers


Fulfills ELA & Additional Teaching Requirements
  • Social Studies, including Native American studies
  • Earth Sciences, including the study of animals & endangered species
  • Digital Media & Arts, including digital art tools, visual arts, music & sound design, animation & filmmaking


Common Core-aligned for English Language Arts
  • Aligned with Common Core State Standard ELA requirements for speech, language, reading and writing for 3rd, 4th and 5th grades
  • Pre-assessment materials provided
  • Final Performance Task Assessment Rubrics included


Easy to Use
  • Requires no special training and little to no extra workload beyond alternative CCSS ELA materials
  • Teacher’s Guide and Lesson Plans book useful for both new and veteran teachers and includes corresponding worksheets and supplemental teaching materials


Time Flexible Unit
  • 14 lesson plans—each ranging from 35 to 60 minutes in duration—that can be flexibly scheduled, ranging from 1 lesson per day to 1 lesson per week
  • Each lesson divided into 5 to 35 minute time blocks, allowing teachers to stop and start each lesson at his/her discretion as time permits

Students Become Storytellers!

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Students Become Storytellers!

The Wolf Dog Workshop includes several project-based activities, which culminate in each student writing their own creative story and sharing their story as storytellers in the classroom.  Often, the students & teachers also organize a community storytelling event.
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