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Wolf Dog Workshop's

Unique Approach


The Wolf Dog Workshop parallels the story writing and storytelling experience of the creator of an internationally award-winning animated short film called Wolf Dog Tales.


As students follow the story writing path of the writer of this animated film, they discover their own voices as story writers as they write their own stories.  Likewise, as the writer of Wolf Dog Tales shares her experience in "storytelling" her story (using animation in this case), students learn to storytell their stories. The workshop ends with a storytelling celebration which many classes have chosen to share with parents and community members.


Every class features at least one short media clip that not only models the academic and character-building teachings of this workshop, but also presents strong examples of storytelling.  


The curriculum includes structured and unstructered activities, allowing for critical and creative thinking, as well as group and independent tasks, presenting opportunities for independent and collaborative peer-to-peer learning.


Wolf Dog Workshiop is currently being used to develop literacy skills among both "native" English language speakers, as well as students who are English language learners (ELL). 


More About Wolf Dog Tales

an animated film written by Bernadine 


  • Ancient stories of what animals teach us about respecting life.

  • Under consideration for 2013 Oscar nomination.

  • Awards include Winner of Best Animated Film at Comic Con International, San Diego.

  • Screened at numerous festivals, venues and countries around the world, such as the United Nations.

  • Invited by the State LIbrary of Queensland in Australia to participate in a four year traveling exhibit of animated art that connects children to world cultures.

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